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Americans United For America

We are seeking the donation of an existing, (prime location), abandoned/underutilized building in the Toluca Lake, Burbank,

Hollywood or Los Angeles area of Southern California/United States of America.  We will remodel/construct and open a Community Theatre & Cafe/Lounge.


This will be our "Landmark" location.  

Our Theatre Cafe/Lounge will serve as a unique commissary for our actors, interns, entertainment professionals, and the public at large.


What is needed:

5,000 square feet for a 150 seat Theatre/Sounstage adjacent to our 80 seat Cafe/Lounge.


Theatre Box Office

CEO Office

Board Member Offices/Shared

3 Edit Bays

2 Rehearsal/Dance Rooms


Our Cafe/Lounge will be designed to accommodate all entertainment professionals and the public at large.

We will hire the friendliest servers - cheerful, skilled, professional, articulate.

These servers will be our actor/intern/students who will work off their training in film and TV

production by serving/working in our cafe lounge as well as the theatre.


1 Manager per 8hr shift @min. wage.

1 Chef per 8hr shift @min. wage.

5 Servers max.per 8hr. shift intern/volunteer or @min. wage.

2 Dish Washer/Maintenance persons per 8hr. shift intern/volunteer or @min wage.

2 Busboys per 8hr. shift intern/volunteer or @min. wage



3.1 Product Description Café/Lounge

AUFA Café/Lounge provides its patrons the finest hot and cold beverages, specializing in specialty deserts of the day.  

These specialty deserts of the day will include timeless recipes passed down by family matriarchs that are guaranteed to please.

In addition, AUFA will offer select domestic soft drinks, bottled water, fresh-baked pastries, and other confections. Seasonally, AUFA will add beverages such as egg nog, hot chocolate, etc.  However, keeping the menu simple and perfect is the priority here.


3.1 Product Description Theatre

AUFA provides our fellow Americans the ability to watch our entertainment in the comfort of their home or come down to the theatre and catch a live performance.  Our live productions will continue with a regular rotation throughout the year.  Ultimately, our theatre is never dark.


Also original artwork will be on display in the theatre lobby for purchase/donations by patrons.

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