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  • Donated Artist's rendition of Donald Trump's MUGSHOT a la Hollywood.
  • 75% of ALL donations will go to The Capitol Hill Police Memorial Fund.
  • 25% remaining donations will go to building our Theatre Cafe/Lounge in Hollywood for

      Humanitarian Artists and Performers.

  • We will create year-round live and filmed entertainment.

                                                       Americans United For America, Inc.

                                                          A Not-For-Profit Organization

                                                                            501 (C)3

“Uniting All Americans With Quality, Funky, Hilarious, Educational, Enlightening Entertainment.”

WE CAUGHT THE WITCH! Trump MUGSHOT T-Shirts ( Medium )

  • All donations are tax deductable.

    75% ALL Donations - The United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund

    Donations to the Fund will be made monthly by Americans United For America through the U.S. Government Payment Portal.

    25% ALL Donations remaining - Americans United For America, Inc.

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